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Rs. 35,000/-


I have always been amazed by diverse movie characters including Harry Potter, James Bond, Captain Jack Sparrow, Marvel Superheroes...the list will go on and on... Among these, one of my favorite characters is Sherlock Holmes!

I wondered how this character would look like in a baby form?? And this is how we began working on our 'Sherlock Holmes Theme'!!!

It took us planning and execution of more than a month to produce the amazing results that you see today. We work on every single prop individually. The backdrop, the costume, the smallest of details that define Sherlock were extensively planned and executed. We just  had to bring perfection to all these details while planning the set up! You will be astonished to see how even the tiniest of props, in the set up, were so creatively made by my partner Tanvi; including the costume, which is as realistic as it gets!

The costume, the set-up and the fantastic expressions given by kids, together, has lighted up our themed photos with adorable cuteness. We will ofcourse be planning many more themes like this in the future...Still, Sherlock Holmes will always remain our most cherished project!

We hope to see your kid as Baby you?

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