These are not charges for a service of few hours but to give you memories of lifetime...

Photography for me is an art, and every artist has moral as well as legal rights over his art to display it in public.

Image Copyrights & Trademark

This site is owned and operated by Mr. Durgesh Anant Parmarthi who is a professional photographer in Pune.

The materials displayed on this site, including but without limitation to all information, text, materials,
graphics, advertisements, names, logos and trademarks (if any) are protected by the
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You shall not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, frame, upload to a third party, post, transmit or
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Anant Parmarthi.

As the copyrights owned by Mr. Durgesh Anant Parmarthi (Copyrights Act 1957) of all the images created during any photo-shoot session for which you have hired him (paid or non-paid), Mr. Durgesh Anant Parmarthi enjoys exclusive and absolute rights over it to use any/all the images created by him on any/all social media platforms and/or for advertising purpose including but not limited to digital advertising, print advertising, flyer advertising, banner advertising, hoarding advertising, television advertising,etc

In case of the exclusive condition of not sharing your Child’s and/or children’s and/or Maternity
and/or Event photographs on the social media platform you will have to exclusively and
officially buy the copyrights for the same from Mr. Durgesh Anant Parmarthi. In absence of
which you are authorizing Mr. Durgesh Anant Parmarthi to share and/or publish and/or upload
and/or transmit and/or distribute the photographs on various social media platforms.

Terms & Condition of Photo-shoot Service

1. You will have to book a photo-shoot session date & time slot by paying a booking amount in advance as discussed.

2. Booking amount is refundable only if you cancel the photo-shoot session before 15 days of the first allotted date & time slot otherwise the booking amount is non-refundable.

3. You can change the allotted date & time slot for the photo-shoot session only once as per the availability of other dates & time slots.

4. The charges mentioned against any photo-shoot session are only for creating images during the particular photo-shoot session for which you have hired Mr. Durgesh Anant Parmarthi and they do not include charges for delivering the soft copies of any/all images or/and to buy copyrights of any/all images created by Mr. Durgesh Anant Parmarthi.

5. The charges mentioned against any photo-shoot session does not include any hard copy or print or merchandise of the images except if mentioned on the shoot package details itself.

6. You will get unlimited number of free soft copies with watermark on the images created during any photo-shoot session as mentioned in the photo-shoot session package.

7. I do not provide RAW format images under any circumstances.


As this is the first time you're doing kids photoshoot from Little Puzzles Images, we would like to inform you about our general guidelines. This is just to avoid misunderstandings in future. 🙂

1. We provide unedited watermarked images soft copies only after settlement of complete payment. 

2. You have to pay the remaining amount after the booking amount on the day of the shoot. 

*The booking or advance amount is fully refundable if you cancel the shoot 15 days before the first booked date ONLY. After that you can reschedule the date once due to any reason but the booking amount will be non-refundable. 

* You can choose ONLY a weekday for rescheduled date as we give weekends only to new shoot bookings as their are our main income slots.

* If you're booking a combined session and if either one of the session is already done then NO CANCELLATION is allowed for the second session.

*Please understand our stand. 

We are not paid monthly fixed salaries.
We can check our monthly expenses for living if we earn income. And we earn income when our slots gets booked. If you cancel the slot at a point when no one else can book it, that makes us lose the income, which obviously, affect our monthly expenses. Hence, to secure our earnings, there is this cancellation policy. I hope you understand this.

3. We will send you unedited watermarked images 2 days after the shoot in a google drive link. 

4. It takes minimum 10 days to edit the images once you select. 

5. We do not provide images in RAW format. 

6. We do not provide images in a pen drive, hard drive or a CD. 

7. No hard copies are provided unless mentioned in the package. 

8. We bring number of props as per the plan you chose. 

9. We do not provide following things for the shoot 👇

(And haven't charged you for the same) 

A. We do not provide makeup. 
B. We do not provide cake for cake smash session.

We do have dresses for one year old baby for the shoot. You may use our dresses for Rs. 300 per  dress or bring your own dresses.

10. You are not supposed to take pictures with our set up in your recording devices (mobile or any other camera) to protect our intellectual property. 

11. We do charge for additional edited images or if you want images without watermark. 

12. The style and quality of images will be as you see in our portfolio on our website. 


Every photographer as an artist has its unique style of creating images through image capturing and editing. Before choosing the photographer, you must go through their work and select the one that satisfy your requirement. Their portfolio will give you best ideas about their style of imaging. 


A. The Set-ups will be similar to the ones shown in our catalogue and not different.

ALL THE TAKE-AWAY props or eatables are either chargeable separately or you can bring your own.
Eg. Chalkboard in birthday set-up is a take away prop, you can take it home with you after the shoot.

B. We do consider sample images shown by you regarding the images you want. But we do not provide the same set up or props as firstly it's not possible that we have the same things available in our city and secondly because we like to avoid copying other photographers work and instead, being an artists add our own creativity to it. 

14. As stated on our website and booking form, Little Puzzles Images will possess all the copyrights over the images created by us during the shoot until you buy the copyrights. 
(Please go through our stand on copyrights use on 'bookings and copyrights' page on our website.

15. Transferring the amount to book the session shall mean that you have read our terms and conditions and copyrights statements and agreed to all.


1. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy. 

2. Your exact products in the package. ("We thought that this was included" will not be entertained) 

3. Our copyrights statements and policy. 

Apart from these, if you have any queries regarding anything, please feel free to bother us. It's better to go for the shoot with all doubts cleared. 🙂